Wednesday, April 2, 2008


"Dogtown and Z-Boys" (2001). A feature length doc written and directed by Stacy Peralta with help from Craig Stecyk, documenting the birth of freestyle skateboarding as present day interviews interweave with priceless vintage footage of the pioneering Zephyr skate team (of which both creators were a part of). DOPE! One of the smoothest flowing documentaries I've seen. Priceless vintage footage, top-notch editing, and a killer soundtrack take you on a journey back into 1970's Santa Monica, California. Narrated by Sean Penn, this film captures some of the most influential skaters of our time. Responsible for taking surf moves out of the ocean and applying them to abandoned concrete pools, the Zephyr skate team gave birth to new skate styles that have since shaped skateboarding into what it is today. Even if you don't skate, never have skated and don't plan to - RENT THIS FILM! DO NOT SLEEP. Peep it on artistic merit if anything. One of the illest doc's I've seen - hands down people. -Mr.-

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