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"Shake That A$$" by Armand Van Heldon feat. Team Facelift. Crazy video...very innovative, amongst other things. Haha -Mr.-


"Spirited Away" (2001) by Hayao Miyazaki. I know this is slightly crooked in the sense that you should support such a gem of a film by renting it at your local video store, or in this case - purchasing it...however, japanimation doesn't get the recognition it once did and by posting this film I hope to open your eyes to the brilliance of Hayao Miyazaki. Enjoy. -Mr.-

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Read, digest, and react. "WE want to PROTECT Toronto's Harbour and not continue SELLING IT OUT!!" Facebook group. I urge all those who have a page on this social networking giant to join.

Facebook group page

Toronto Port Authority yesterday announced a $38 Million dollar tunnel to Toronto Island -- exclusively for Porter Airline customers... to be paid for with tax payers money, giving NOTHING back to the community at all. The public won't even be able to access the island, through the tunnel, only Porter Customers!!

Out of a budget of $38 Million dollars to complete the underground tunnel, $31 MILLION dollars is to be spent by taxpayers ($19 million sought from Ottawa and $12 million from Queen's Park!!)with only ___$7 Million____ dollars spent by Porter Airlines. SWEET FREAKING DEAL...hmmm politican's how you managed to sell that to us is unbelievable!! Even more scary is your connections to the newspapers. WE SEE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.


If the Port Authority / Porter wants the exclusive tunnel so bad, then they should foot the ENTIRE bill.

We the community want a link to PEARSON AIRPORT already!!!! Or build a pedestrian bridge over that everyone can use to access the island, instead of having to take the ferry!! Public money... Public structures, I know its tough but read that slowly as apparently you don't get it.

Please sign up to this group to show Queens Park that you are NOT in favour of this legislation getting through, and that you want tax dollars spent on projects that benefit EVERYONE, and not the elite few or corporations.

Especially ones that will just make our Lakeshore even uglier than it already is, giving back NOTHING!!!!!!! Our Lakeshore is NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE.

------ Councillor Adam Vaughn's Open Letter re: Island Tunnel-------------

Dear Residents of Ward 20,
Keeping in mind Mark Twain's advice never to start an argument with someone who buys ink by the barrel, let me try to set the record straight by presenting the actual argument I gave Globe and Mail columnist Marcus Gee against the tunnel to the Toronto Island Airport.

My opposition to the latest scheme that is being promoted by some members of the Toronto Port Authority and apparently being supported by Minister John Baird and the Tories in Ottawa revolves around these issues:

• Where are the plans for this project and how was a cost estimated without detailed drawings?

• Where is the business case for this $38m project? The TPA board has not seen one and neither have the governments or taxpayers.

• Why shouldn't the Island Airport or the airlines self-finance this project as Pearson must do when it contemplates improvements?

• Why is a third access route to this tiny airport being considered within months of a second ferry being purchased, and only a couple of years after the last new
ferry was purchased?

• How can the premier and the federal government give a favourable review to this vague project when an actual application for infrastructure funding has not been approved by the TPA Board?

• What local elected body has declared this project a priority for funding? How has this project jumped ahead of the city's streetcar needs, the goal of electrifying rail to Pearson, or simple road, bridge and highway repairs in Toronto?

As an elected official I am stunned at how easily this project has been embraced by senior levels of government with virtually every media outlet and commentator doing the cheerleading.

The city and municipalities across Canada have been engaged in long, complicated and highly politicized negotiations with the Federal Government to get established projects fast-tracked and most local governments, despite months of back and forth
with John Baird’s office, have yet to receive a penny of funding, let alone a commitment to fund important and badly needed projects.

Why has this particular proposal jumped the queue? Why when the city wants to build a subway to York University and serve millions of people with better transit, do the
Federal Tories insist that the city form a public-private partnership to qualify for funding, yet on this project they propose a 100% public subsidy all to the advantage of a single airline?

When $38m dollars is given over to one company with no public process and it is used to subsidize the movement of a small group of travellers, something is seriously wrong. This is the privilege that I question.

It has nothing to do with class, unless you are talking about a particular class of politician who circumvents public process to hand out public tax dollars to private

I was elected on a platform that promised to fight airport expansion and taxpayer subsidies for the un-elected and unaccountable Port Authority. Even current Board
members of the TPA (some appointed by Baird himself) have filed complaints to the Parliament's Integrity Commissioner and Federal Auditor General concerned about financial irregularities and governance concerns at the Port.

Even more alarming was the behaviour of the Minister in charge of the TPA last December. Faced with opposition to how airport improvements would be financed and a call for full disclosure to the Board itself over expenses filed by the previous CEO (current Federal Cabinet Minister Lisa Raitt), a half hour after Parliament was prorogued, Baird reconfigured the Board unilaterally and added two more federal appointments to the body to ensure the board would vote to prevent an investigation of the allegations.

Something is wrong at the TPA, and before the Conservatives, with help from Queen's Park, shovel more taxpayers’ dollars towards this tunnel project of questionable value Torontonians, taxpayers – in fact Canadians – deserve answers. Instead we get a silly
debate about class war.

To be clear: I don't think the island airport is needed; it's not a boon to the waterfront or a transportation priority for Toronto. But if it is there and people use it, so be it. My
quarrel is not with the choices people make to get to Ottawa. My concern is with a federal government in Ottawa that makes up the rules as it goes along and in doing so provides substantial public subsidies through its agencies to private interests. It is this set of privileges I attack and seek to end.

Best regards,

Adam Vaughan
City Councillor

Note: I DID NOT write this, just passing it on. -Mr.-

Thursday, August 27, 2009


"Baby" by Ghostface Killah feat. Raheem DeVaughn. Ghostface...I tip my hat to you sir. Two steps forward while others take two steps back. Somehow homeZ always finds a way to keep it gully, and at the same time relevant. Dope track. Darshan - where you at?...our swagger is one and the same, me and you baby boy. -Mr.-


"51-30" by Nixon. IN-YOUR-FACE! With numbers like this who needs a light. Fu$k your indiglo son...I kid, I kid. Nixon - giants in the game. -Mr.-


"Trolly" by Hella Tight. Bay Area holdin it down...shout out to Yaira. SF is famous for its trolleys like Toronto's known for its $hit a$$ weather. Yall know the deal. -Mr.-


"Respect Tee" by Alphanumeric. Respect is earned not bought - words to live by, feel me!? The design is in the message, the message is in the design. No slick graphics required. Two thumbs up Brasil style. -Mr.-


"Skytop" Black Tape Collection by Supra. The whole pack is PLANTAINS, but the Skytop leads the pack...hands down. Tight like moochers, top shelf like cookie jars. Say word! -Mr.-


"Horrific Documentary on Russian Neo Nazis part 1" source: Shout out to Christof Putzel for a job well done. The loss of jobs over seas due to outsourcing, and immigrant employment in nations with high unemployment rates are concerns many first world citizens struggle to understand. This documentary illustrates the destructive climate that is created when desperate, uneducated individuals unfamiliar with the political process and the complex issue of immigration and its ties to cheap labour for growing economies, unleash their frustration on innocent people who's only crime is that of their ethnicity. What amazes me is Russia lost more casualties to Hitler than any other nation, and yet these Russian nationalists choose to follow his doctrine in the name of their national about misdirected anger. I hate seeing the poor fight amongst themselves...the economic elite have always been the root of your woes...redirect your frustrations and do it in a positive manner. You know what frustrates me, people who fight tooth and nail for issues they really know nothing about. -Mr.-

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Looking for something reminiscent to Nasa back in the day, a local weekly spot to indulge in good music and chillaxed vibes...look no further. Shout out to my fam Dank and Mr. Steve "the three quarter sleeve". DO NOT SLEEP! -Mr.-


"The Cove" directed by Louie Psihoyos. A high-tech dive team armed with state-of-the-art equipment, inspired into action and led by world renown dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry, infiltrate a highly protected cove in Taijii, Japan in order to expose some of the worst animal abuse in recorded history and its direct threat to human health and the children of Japan. DOPE! Far too often man falls into the vicious cycle of apathy and forgets the rewarding thrill of activism. This film documents the covert-ops of dedicated individuals and the positive energy produced when people unite for a common good...brilliant. Highly recommended. And for those of you so apathetic you can't even pull yourself away from the latest blockbuster flop to support such a film - I feel sorry for you. Two thumbs up Brasil style. -Mr.-

Monday, August 24, 2009


"Sublime" strictly for those that know. Long Beach natives responsible for setting the standard in California ska/punk. Just like The Specials...they have influenced too many to mention. Respect the originators. -Mr.-


"Ghost Town" by The Specials. If you don't know, never heard of, or plain out knew but didn't appreciate...THE SPECIALS - respect the foundation. They've influenced too many to mention. Raise your guns and salute. -Mr.-


"Summertime Fitted 09" by 7Union. 7Union = BO$$! Mesh back, old school stripes, like I said before - why aren't more fitteds fu$kin with mesh? PLANTAINS!...deep fried and drenched in hot sauce straight out the skillet - feel it!?. Beautiful...act like you know. -Mr.-


"Page Turn" by Imaginary Foundation. Again...color, don't be scurred. Splashes of color are dope because they'll compliment almost any kick or fitted you have in your arsenal. The quality is always second to none with this label as well, so treat with care. Top shelf like cookie jars. -Mr.-


"ZX 9000" light aqua/neon blue by Adidas. Slick and oh so sweet...I'm talking cavities and calories - FEEL ME!? Straight goods. And for all yall scared of color - step outside the box and smell the change. -Mr.-

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"Maybe So, Maybe No" by Mayer Hawthorne. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan (just outside of Detroit), now located in sunny LA, Mayer Hawthorne was introduced to Peanut Butter Wolf by Noelle Scaggs of the Rebirth and signed to indie heavyweight Stones Throw Records shortly after. My man sings, produces and plays all instruments recorded...I tip my hat to you partner. Talent plus ingenuity and the ability to stray from the pack leads to great things - SAY WORD! -Mr.-

Sunday, August 9, 2009


YEAH YEAH YEAHS w/ AMANDA BLANK @ The Koolhaus. All ages + Koolhaus = shoes trampled...not so good. Yeah Yeah Yeah's performance...PLANTAINS! Entertainment in every sense of the word. True rock stars - feel me?...A dying breed. The NYC based trio performed with charisma, energy, and excitement. Karen O led the performance like a champ, turned my half a$$ attitude around, and made me an all out fan. I have smelled the coffee people...I suggest you do the same. Two thumbs way up - Brasil style. -Mr.-


STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN, LEFT TO RIGHT...Caribana is officially dead. Lifeless, soulless, flavourless, bland...a.k.a. next year don't even bother. I mean the parade was already getting tired, but with the fences up, and the bridges closed...done. As square and conservative as it gets - can I get an amen!?...F that - I'm taking it. 1st off, I understand someone was injured and Scotiabank's insurance agents and lawyers got shook, but cutting people off from the parade with an 8 foot fence...really? I'm six foot and couldn't see jack. People on the north side of the fence set up picnic tents and completely cut everyone off from viewing the parade, and the packs of people along the south side made it almost impossible to see anything either...I believe I saw the tip of a feather walk by. The people on the floats looked lame and uninspired, and the overall vibe was weak, real weak. Homeboy on CP24 had the nerve of saying Caribana is the second largest, most celebrated carnival after Rio...nah man...not even close. Rio actually lets loose and illustrates what celebration and carnival REALLY is. Toronto is conservative, uninspired, and straight up DRY! The parties have become over saturated with hip hop, and the closest you get to experiencing anything Caribbean is viewing a flag tucked into someones back pocket. I spoke with several vacationers from abroad and they all had negative things to say..."a waist of time", "this city stinks", "next year I'm saving up for Trinidad". Sad people, real sad. In a nutshell...fu$k Scotiabank, and fu$k the lame a$$ committee responsible for this travesty of a fete.

Two thumbs way down. SAY WORD! -Mr.-


"88 Days Of Fortune" - SUPPORT LOCAL TALENT! And not just because they're local...because they're talented. Did I mention it's excuses. SAY WORD! -Mr.-