Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"The Last Air Bender" directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Based on the Nickelodeon animated series "Avatar: The Last Air Bender" created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko (which is one of the finest children's television programs ever created), is set for release in July of 2010. I first started watching the series with my son during season one, and was hooked instantly. Aang, the last air bender, is a reincarnated master of all four elements in a world divided into elemental clans, where bending (the ability to control and alter an elements form and structure) is practiced by gifted individuals from each clan. The Fire nation has waged war on the once peaceful planet, where all four elements co-existed in harmony, and the Avatar is the only one who can restore balance. BOOYAA! Hopefully M. Night Shyamalan calls upon his higher self and delivers another "Unbreakable" rather than another "The Village" and does this animated classic justice.

Word on the street/what may just ruin the whole thing...several characters, who are clearly not white, have been casted with white actors, which is upsetting since the entire series takes place in Asia and revolves entirely around Asian culture. It's 2009 people, do things right. If the role is Asian, hire Asian actors, and if the film takes place in Germany, don't hire English actors...I'm talking to you "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas". -Mr.-


"Soul Sacrifice" by Santana, Woodstock performance (1969). Brilliant! This is what talent, drugs, and an inspiring event can create. I'm throwing this up in celebration of the extended version of the Woodstock documentary released earlier this month, marking the 40th Anniversary of one of the world's greatest music festivals. Respect the art. -Mr.-

Friday, June 26, 2009


"The Mayor" by Pac Div (a.k.a Pacific Division). 808 slump/boom bap low end slap. Come on now...BUMP THIS $HIT MANG! -Mr.-


$hit happens. Nuff said. -Mr.-


"World Tour" by Initium. Straight old school mob boss. Gold detailing on black, always welcome. Keep it simple stupid. Words to live by...most of the time. -Mr.-


Quintin Co. fitted. I don't know much about Quintin other than they manufacture hats, and this will be their first official fitted. I guess they understand the crucial fact that first impressions last. Well done. -Mr.-


"Azz Modigliani Icon Tee" by WeSC (artwork by Amedeo Modigliani). Clean, crisp, and classy. The print placement within the icon logo is top shelf. Using images to fill out your font instead of a solid color breaks the mold and redefines your limitations. If you're slick with your print selection your tee can match almost anything. Two thumbs up Brasil style. -Mr.-


"Forum Mids" by Adidas Originals. I meant to post these awhile back...my bad. One of the illest kicks I've peeped in a long minute. Adidas are killing straps right now, redesigning and freaking a staple piece in slick new ways. The leather selection is beyond quality, and the design/cut is above par...PLANTAINS even...I'm talking still hanging off the tree - FRESH! Adidas holdin it down, straight bossin! -Mr.-

Thursday, June 25, 2009


"Ain't Nuttin' Changed" (Queensbridge To California Remix) by Blaq Poet feat. MC Eiht & Young Malay. YeZZir! What's poppin?...this track right here. Premier - you the muthafu$kin man homeZ. -Mr.-

Thursday, June 18, 2009


"Microphone" by Jason Schwartzman, off the album 'Davy' (Coconut Records). Rushmore is a classic...'Davy' may be as well, I haven't heard the whole album yet. Few actors successfully make the transition into music, Jason makes it look effortless. And he's rocking Rod Lavers...my favorite Adidas to date. Another dope track - "West Coast"(off the album Nighttiming)...shout out to Yaira and the whole Cali fam, WESTSIIIIIDE! -Mr.-

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


"Soft Shock" (acoustic version) by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. Unofficial video. Far too many tight tracks lack videos these days. I encourage all to create video remixes, for the love of the music and for the love of the fans. Show these big shot directors how it's done. This version is by Samford W. Justice. -Mr.-


Carrera x Boeing 5701 vintage shades. It gets no better. Fu$king brilliant! -Mr.-


"TV Static" by Sneaker Pimps. Another dope Sneaker Pimps x New Era collaboration. The bar code under the brim is slick, from a design point of view...it'll match almost anything. The black and white exterior is nice and neutral as well. Definitely a cut above the rest. -Mr.-


"Building Bridges" by Acrylick. Unification by fabrication - straight up! Clean, simple design + a powerful statement = winning combination. Acrylick always pleasing, never cheesing. -Mr.-


"Forum Mid" by Adidas (Grun Collection). Beautiful...gorgeous even. A little big on the feet, not so aerodynamic, but damn...these demand a second glance. Make a statement - feel me!? Fabric selections - top shelf, strap - next level...all I've got to say is - wood buttons kick velcro's a$$ anyday. -Mr.-

Friday, June 12, 2009


"Must Be Love" by Cassie feat. Diddy. Straight up and down - a hit. I'm not a big fan of Diddy(pompous, arrogant, the list goes on), and Cassie is no song bird...she practically talks, but damn...this track takes me back. It's on some smoothed out, mid 90's, R$B tip...I can't hate, the beat bangs like brothels. Best to say WORD and leave it at that. Where my old folks at? -Mr.-

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Superflat First Love by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton. Full short film celebrating six years of collaboration between Murakami and Vuitton. NEXT LEVEL! This is what happens when worlds collide...brilliant! -Mr.-


Suicide Girls 10th anniversary photo shoot, concept - Fight Club...girls only!(just a sneak peek). Some blokes don't appreciate a girl with tatts...? Be easy, you'll come around. Title - Inked, label - Art Forms...why? The concept is brilliant and the photos are top shelf(Cherry)...not to mention the anti-girly, 'girls can kick a$$ too' imagery. -Mr.-

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Another excerpt from the highly acclaimed documentary "Playing For Change". Genius...musicians from around the world add their contribution as "War/No More Trouble" transforms into a global performance. -Mr.-

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Splurge - MAD HARD FRESH from Scott Jaeger on Vimeo.

"Mad Hard Fresh" by Splurge. The UK version of the Cool Kids...and bangin just as hard, if not harder. Tee and Tylie (brothers) produce and emcee, keeping it in-house and in-family. This track is rated - BOOM! Nowuknow. -Mr.-


"The Professional" by Alife. The 2009 spring releases are nice, but the Professional (comes in black as well) is the best by far...repeat after me - PLANTAINS! I wish I could find a pic of the underside of the brim...cheetah - nuff said. Top shelf like cookie jars...can I get an AMEN? -Mr.-


"The Experience In Momentum" by Dragon Eyewear. Slick and oh so pretty. The two tone frame - brilliant, the arm detailing - top shelf. Dragon Eyewear, dropping gem after gem. Keep 'em coming. -Mr.-


"Sold Out Tee" by Dissizit. I'm not quite sure what the hell this shirt is trying to say, but the layout/graphic detailing is BANG-ON! -Mr.-


"Winsor White Peacoat" by Gravis. Simple and oh so clean. The perfect summer kick...from the tennis court to the beach, beach to the bar, bar to the club - fu$k your dress code. The dripping decal on the back is a nice touch. All-in-all...a classic kick. -Mr.-

Friday, June 5, 2009


U.S. President Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt. U.S. Islam relations...hmmmmm, complicated. Now I know most of you believe this is a progressive, intelligent speech...rightly so. Obama is articulate, confident and most importantly a powerful speaker. What most fail to see is the underlying message of supremacy and authority, riddled with hypocrisy and unfortunately...the same. Simply stated...actions create reactions, and desperate measures often spawn from desperate situations. Violence is wrong, regardless of the way in which it is executed. That being said, perspective is everything. POV's are seldom shared, and the role of the victim allows one to assume rights that ultimately and strategically enable offensive action under the guise of defence. Clearly the U.S. has been victimized, and Obama is quick to point the finger.

The history of U.S. aggression both politically and economically, as well as through military coercion can be traced back to almost every conflict facing the world today. Middle Eastern, Israeli/Palestinian, drug trafficking and the criminal empires that exist to maintain its stability, collapsed economies due to free trade/the World Bank and the IMF, China's rise to power, global warming...the list goes on. The U.S. has the ability to lead, to unify, and to elevate the global situation, however...it doesn't. It assumes the title, but neglects the responsibilities associated with such a position. In order for the world to truly forgive, one must come clean about all the atrocities one has committed. What I would like to see is a speech focused solely on the U.S; discussing its violent behaviour, manipulative interactions, the results of its behaviour, and ultimately the dangers greed can unleash on a society structured around the doctrine of profit. I'm sick of hearing about American ideals, American vision, freedom of religion and democracy, when the bottom line and governing ideal is profit. For they are all great ideas, but when they are trumped by economic interest your words become hollow.

Diplomatically, pointing the finger at yourself first, coming clean and apologizing is an honorable action. Like I've said before...Obama's hands are tied, he is a pawn to a much larger master and although he most likely knows better, he is chained to the manifesto of THE SAME. Change must come from within first, before it can be dictated through diplomacy. Change cannot be forced, it must be experienced, lived and ultimately unleashed. The environment and the people that define it must change, and the governing body will adapt accordingly. Too many people look externally for help, and create excuses when they are unable to find truth. The final minutes of this speech discuss the importance of the individual, but knowing and acting upon your knowledge are two different things. Money is power, invest wisely. All in all...a brilliant speech, but political none the less. -Mr.-

Thursday, June 4, 2009


On June 12th The Bait Shop(358 Dufferin Street) will host the official premiere of the Zoo York "State Of Mind" skate video. Starring Brandon Westgate, Donny Barley, Chaz Ortiz, Anthony Shetler, Matt Miller, Ron Deily, Forrest Kirby, Eli Reed, Aaron Suski, Kevin Taylor and Zered Bassett. A definite must see! -Mr.-


The Santigold tour kicked off May 21 in San Francisco and landed in Toronto last night. PLANTAINS! The SG1's(Santi's dancers) were bada$$, grimy even. Alongside Santi were Amanda Blank and Trouble Andrew, w/ surprise guest Spankrock. This was Santi's first time touring with a live band and it came off flawless, a perfect balance between live instrumentation and digital playback. Two thumbs up Brasil style. And for those of you confused...yes Santigold IS Santogold. Apparently there's some dude out of Baltimore named Santo Rigatuso who makes jewelery/films and claims he's had the name since 1983, he's even gone as far as recording an album called "I Am the Real Santo Gold" and released the title track on YouTube. Moron. Nowuknow. -Mr.-


Summer is officially here when Kensington Market's "car free Sunday's" jump off. Food, music, people, positive vibes...a little bit granola, but hey...it's all good. If you missed the last one, the last Sunday of every month from May - October hosts this Toronto exclusive...DO NOT SLEEP! -Mr.-