Saturday, May 10, 2008


"The Meccanico DG" by De Grisogono. The Meccanico is De Grisogono's 15th anniversary Pièce de résistance. Comprised of 651 components the Meccanico is one of the worlds most intricate timepieces. A digital display driven by an exclusively mechanical system places De Grisogono ahead of the competition, both in design and innovation. An art piece as much as it is a timepiece, the Meccanico deserves respect and admiration - hands down. Comes in red gold, titanium-and-gold, titanium-and-platinum and titanium-and-rubber. Only 177 have been produced, translation - if you need to ask how much?'s not for you. Top shelf...feel me. I hope so. Peep game people, peep game. -Mr.-

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