Saturday, May 31, 2008


Emmaichai (microdot arrow hooded sweat) – me being the genius that I am, spent ten minutes (publicly, I might add), trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of the brand. M-H-I. DUH. Being owned by renown streetwear brand Maharishi (and subsequently MHI), that makes sense right? I had to be clued in by a very giggly extremely mean storeowner who I have the misfortune of knowing. Just kidding! Love you B. anyway, this is pretty much my favourite Em hoodie that’s around right now, for women anyway. There's a dope pink one for guys that I got a while back but, being for guys, the fits kinda wack. Love the take on dots here, the way they’re warped is almost like a comIc book if you look close. FRESHHH. -Ms.-

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