Thursday, May 29, 2008


YeZZir. Straight strollin people - feel me, like Frodo out the hobbit hole...blow with the wind. It was a beautiful Sunday morning...what to do? My homie from NY Jayson Atienza swang through and we decided to hit up Kensington Market and see what was poppin. STREET FEST! BANGIN! I heard about kensingtons street fests but never witnessed one first hand. We connected with my boy Wun and continued the stroll. Wun introduced us to Chris and Isabel, some real chill folks and we made our way through the swarms of people vibing out. Half way through the mix we stumbled upon Akilah and Lisa ("so called" samba queens) and watched a street parade poor down Augusta. Good pays to get out the house - you never know what life has in store. -Mr.-

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