Sunday, June 1, 2008


Love, what a crazy experience. Love for family, love for friends, love for your other half, love for a place, an experience, a moment in time. Love makes my world go round, without it I'd be lost. It is my anchor, my companion, my purpose. As one grows older, the world around you becomes alot more real, intricate, complicated and at times lonely...I often long for the innoncence of youth. I believe the comlplications arise due to the fact we forget how to love, how to take things for what they are. We over think, we judge, we take steps back instead of taking steps towards one another. And yes, love often hurts...for all those scarred I lend a hand, we are in this together. Life is full of forks in the road, meetings, partings, and reunions...a journey we all must travel so appreciate those around you when you have the chance. And for those of you feeling alone, distant and isolated, those harboring despair and doubt - be easy, your brothers and sisters are out there...have faith. Could you be loved? -Mr.-

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