Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Man On A Wire" directed by James Marsh, documents the incredible, yet illegal tight rope crossing of New York's Twin Towers in 1974 by Parisian thrill seeker/high-wire master Philippe Petit. What makes this film incredible is the goldmine of archival footage and stills, the humorously sequenced well directed reenactments, and the sheer on-camera charisma of Philippe Petit himself. Combined, these elements captured one of histories most beautiful, daring performances by man. Illustrating the true meaning of "have no fear" and "living life on the edge"...literally. The way Philippe and his small band of merry men broke into the Twin Towers and executed their daring feat is reminiscent of a bank robbery, the reenactments truly captured the sheer intensity of such a thrilling expedition. And the archival stills of Philippe hand standing on the edge of the roof were beautiful additions to the retelling of the story. Two-thumbs up - Brasil style. -Mr.-

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