Tuesday, March 24, 2009


"He Doesn't Know Why" and "Blue Ridge Mountains" by Fleet Foxes. In a nut shell...there IS hope. This five-piece band out of Seattle have single-handedly breathed new hope into an industry overgrown with talentless puppets. Reminiscent of Neil Young, CSNY and Moody Blues to name a few, Fleet Foxes are talent at its finest...just peep the second video clip "Blue Ridge Mountains" shot in an abandoned wing of the Grand Palais in Paris - brilliant! Signed to indie labels Sub Pop and Bella Union, they are an example of where the industry is headed...talented artists, independent, and distributed by the power of the Internet rather than obsolete network structures. Change is coming, I can feel it. Shout out to Leilani, thanks for the heads up. -Mr.-

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