Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am but a man. Life is a struggle, full of ups and downs. I've been stumbling for quite some time now, but feel stability entering my stride. To all of those affected by the mistakes I have made - I am sorry. My horoscope today read...

"Reflections can't just be found in mirrors, you know. If you want to catch a glimpse of your true self today, you need to be honest and accept your imperfections. Trying to pretend you are perfect isn't fooling anyone, and it could limit your growth. Put away your ego and you will be able to learn a valuable lesson about your insecurities. Who you are is not predetermined. You are a work in process. You can make all the changes you want to make, you just have to start."

How true. In an attempt to assure myself life keeps moving, I once told someone they didn't make or break me. The truth is they made me, and without them I would be broken. Sometimes things need to break in order to be fixed. In a world full of mistakes, forgiveness is one of the greatest thrills man will ever experience. Good luck to you all. -Mr.-

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