Wednesday, April 8, 2009


MTV is garbage. I don't subscribe to cable...a blessing, but every now and then I catch up on my cable fix and have come to the realization it is no coincidence that MTV is located in The Masonic is designed to dumb down and retard cultural growth. The Hills is one of the most vain, shallow, boring series on television, the characters are an embarrassment to Californians, and why we focus on such idiotic individuals is beyond me. Is there no other focus in this world worth documenting? The hosts of MTV Canada are borderline NERD (and not in a cool way), some have clearly crossed that line and the producers are too lazy to distinguish between talent and mundane. The skits are unimaginative and the topics of discussion are adolescent...I know you are targeting a specific demographic, but PLEASE give the tweens some credit. Don't even get me started on Paul. Much Music is nothing to be proud of, but damn, they make you guys look like a bunch of b class wannabees grasping at straws. Daryn needs to quit and rethink his career...all he has is The Buzz, like Maestro has Let Your Back Bone Slide. We desperately need to find NEW talent. In a nut shell...MTV is a joke...I feel sorry for the teens of this generation. Two thumbs down - Brasil style. -Mr.-


*~:: Miss Niya ::~* said...

I also dont subscribe to cable...(thanks be to jah)
I also am VERY curious that the MTV headquarters is in the Masonic Temple...After reading this post, Im once again thankful that Im not subjected to the mindless nonsense.

But here lies the question: What do we do about it?

ColdWarSpy said...

Whoa c'mon man. Enjoy the mindless entertainment for what it is worth. Its called a diversion for a reason. Illuminati in our kids TV sets and everywhere beware. Those shows are just scripted soap operas with a psuedo hipper soundtrack. You know how it goes, it takes mad talent to throw engaging and thouhght provoking tele on a ghetto budget. So anything breakthrough on MTV Canada would get the yellow brick road outta town. wait ,has that happened yet?

Mr. What U Need said...