Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Santigold tour kicked off May 21 in San Francisco and landed in Toronto last night. PLANTAINS! The SG1's(Santi's dancers) were bada$$, grimy even. Alongside Santi were Amanda Blank and Trouble Andrew, w/ surprise guest Spankrock. This was Santi's first time touring with a live band and it came off flawless, a perfect balance between live instrumentation and digital playback. Two thumbs up Brasil style. And for those of you confused...yes Santigold IS Santogold. Apparently there's some dude out of Baltimore named Santo Rigatuso who makes jewelery/films and claims he's had the name since 1983, he's even gone as far as recording an album called "I Am the Real Santo Gold" and released the title track on YouTube. Moron. Nowuknow. -Mr.-

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