Friday, June 5, 2009


U.S. President Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt. U.S. Islam relations...hmmmmm, complicated. Now I know most of you believe this is a progressive, intelligent speech...rightly so. Obama is articulate, confident and most importantly a powerful speaker. What most fail to see is the underlying message of supremacy and authority, riddled with hypocrisy and unfortunately...the same. Simply stated...actions create reactions, and desperate measures often spawn from desperate situations. Violence is wrong, regardless of the way in which it is executed. That being said, perspective is everything. POV's are seldom shared, and the role of the victim allows one to assume rights that ultimately and strategically enable offensive action under the guise of defence. Clearly the U.S. has been victimized, and Obama is quick to point the finger.

The history of U.S. aggression both politically and economically, as well as through military coercion can be traced back to almost every conflict facing the world today. Middle Eastern, Israeli/Palestinian, drug trafficking and the criminal empires that exist to maintain its stability, collapsed economies due to free trade/the World Bank and the IMF, China's rise to power, global warming...the list goes on. The U.S. has the ability to lead, to unify, and to elevate the global situation, doesn't. It assumes the title, but neglects the responsibilities associated with such a position. In order for the world to truly forgive, one must come clean about all the atrocities one has committed. What I would like to see is a speech focused solely on the U.S; discussing its violent behaviour, manipulative interactions, the results of its behaviour, and ultimately the dangers greed can unleash on a society structured around the doctrine of profit. I'm sick of hearing about American ideals, American vision, freedom of religion and democracy, when the bottom line and governing ideal is profit. For they are all great ideas, but when they are trumped by economic interest your words become hollow.

Diplomatically, pointing the finger at yourself first, coming clean and apologizing is an honorable action. Like I've said before...Obama's hands are tied, he is a pawn to a much larger master and although he most likely knows better, he is chained to the manifesto of THE SAME. Change must come from within first, before it can be dictated through diplomacy. Change cannot be forced, it must be experienced, lived and ultimately unleashed. The environment and the people that define it must change, and the governing body will adapt accordingly. Too many people look externally for help, and create excuses when they are unable to find truth. The final minutes of this speech discuss the importance of the individual, but knowing and acting upon your knowledge are two different things. Money is power, invest wisely. All in all...a brilliant speech, but political none the less. -Mr.-

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