Thursday, July 23, 2009


Los Angeles born and raised - RETNA. Graffiti writer turned international contemporary genius. Talent knows no bounds - say word! Retna is most known for his graffiti murals in collaboration with Mac, but has gained notoriety and acclaim for his mixed media works, some of the best I've seen - hands down. I have chosen to highlight his murals in this post but will follow up with his mixed media shortly...far too much talent. He rolls with the Art Work Rebels and Mad Society Kings, he is a member of the internationally exclusive art collective The Seventh Letter, and has carved himself a position amongst some of the best to ever traverse the line between gallery and street. His murals are created with both paint brushes and traditional spray paint, and have taken graffiti to the next level. Show some respect, recognize and most importantly appreciate the talent that helps shape the urban landscape. Retna - I tip my hat to you sir. -Mr.-

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*caisoon said...

thats some badass shit!!