Sunday, August 9, 2009


STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN, LEFT TO RIGHT...Caribana is officially dead. Lifeless, soulless, flavourless, bland...a.k.a. next year don't even bother. I mean the parade was already getting tired, but with the fences up, and the bridges closed...done. As square and conservative as it gets - can I get an amen!?...F that - I'm taking it. 1st off, I understand someone was injured and Scotiabank's insurance agents and lawyers got shook, but cutting people off from the parade with an 8 foot fence...really? I'm six foot and couldn't see jack. People on the north side of the fence set up picnic tents and completely cut everyone off from viewing the parade, and the packs of people along the south side made it almost impossible to see anything either...I believe I saw the tip of a feather walk by. The people on the floats looked lame and uninspired, and the overall vibe was weak, real weak. Homeboy on CP24 had the nerve of saying Caribana is the second largest, most celebrated carnival after Rio...nah man...not even close. Rio actually lets loose and illustrates what celebration and carnival REALLY is. Toronto is conservative, uninspired, and straight up DRY! The parties have become over saturated with hip hop, and the closest you get to experiencing anything Caribbean is viewing a flag tucked into someones back pocket. I spoke with several vacationers from abroad and they all had negative things to say..."a waist of time", "this city stinks", "next year I'm saving up for Trinidad". Sad people, real sad. In a nutshell...fu$k Scotiabank, and fu$k the lame a$$ committee responsible for this travesty of a fete.

Two thumbs way down. SAY WORD! -Mr.-

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