Thursday, August 27, 2009


"Horrific Documentary on Russian Neo Nazis part 1" source: Shout out to Christof Putzel for a job well done. The loss of jobs over seas due to outsourcing, and immigrant employment in nations with high unemployment rates are concerns many first world citizens struggle to understand. This documentary illustrates the destructive climate that is created when desperate, uneducated individuals unfamiliar with the political process and the complex issue of immigration and its ties to cheap labour for growing economies, unleash their frustration on innocent people who's only crime is that of their ethnicity. What amazes me is Russia lost more casualties to Hitler than any other nation, and yet these Russian nationalists choose to follow his doctrine in the name of their national about misdirected anger. I hate seeing the poor fight amongst themselves...the economic elite have always been the root of your woes...redirect your frustrations and do it in a positive manner. You know what frustrates me, people who fight tooth and nail for issues they really know nothing about. -Mr.-

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