Thursday, September 10, 2009


Life is full of twists and turns, paths that unfold according to the choices we make, and futures that are shaped through our actions. I've been walking along the same path for quite some time now and have grown tired of its fruitless bounty, a slave driven by the need to maintain basic survival, a creative mad man forced to fulfill another mans dream. I have experienced the sweet thrill of stacked pockets and I have tasted the bitter reality of debt and the inability to stay afloat. I have weathered the storm and I now stand in the center of it all gazing up at the eye in all its glorious stillness. I am destined to walk amongst the wind and rain for a little while longer, but I now have my destination in sight. It is difficult to create a worthwhile service or product in a world mutated by capitalism's twisted ideals and expectations, to maintain hope in a world blind to the facts, but it IS a necessity, my son depends on my stability. I have been blessed this year, and I am about to embark on yet another journey. My feet have planted themselves on a new path and I am about to take my first step. Ain't life grand!? To all of you too scared to make a change, trapped by the comforts of mediocrity, doubting your abilities and living amongst lowered expectations, I urge you all to enter the storm and weather the change. Life is a bitch, but trust me she loves you.

Special shout out to my moms and all those who have assisted me through the storm. My strength is increasing with every step I take, and my focus is sharpened with every wrong move made. SAY WORD! -Mr.-

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