Tuesday, October 6, 2009


"Women Are Heroes" a project and an exhibition by JR. Nuit Blanche, Paris 2009. Now this is what Nuit Blanche SHOULD BE (I'm talking to you Scotia Bank/Toronto...WAACK!) Cutting edge french photographer JR holding it down world wide, taking a medium, and a concept to new heights. Everyone claims to be a photographer nowadays, and photography has always been applied to billboards and large format printing, but taking these two artistic staples and displaying them in abnormal locations and abstract ways is what separates the leader from the pack. Straight up...I'm labeling homeboy a cultural hero. Without street artists like JR and Banksy the urban landscape would be a waste of space. That being said, I would like to thank all those who have chosen to step beyond the confines of convention and redefine the meaning of canvas - I tip my hat to you all.

This clip is from BKRW Magazine and documents the last hours of JR and his team as they finish the "Women Are Heroes" exhibition in Paris. Brilliant! Shout out to Safari for the heads up. -Mr.-

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