Saturday, November 14, 2009


Straight up and down - where's the standard? I live my life by a code, a standard of living that economically doesn't always pay off, but pays in full when it comes to the people that surround me and the growth that manifests through our exchanging of ideas, discussions, likes and dislikes. The reason I'm bringing this point up is because I love culture and everything that encompasses it, but am growing tired of the lack of taste dictating its present state. Sure, I could boogie to the West Indies, lime out, live ital and meditate like a Buddha, but something will always draw me back in the mix. Sure, I could work for a production company, record label or clothing line and bite my tongue every time poor decisions are made in order to secure longevity within the business, but fortunately - I have an opinion. We're in an age when film/television is reinvented, repackaged and resold, instead of being created, developed, and promoted. The music industry is more concerned with marketing campaigns than it is about talent and setting a standard of quality. MTV and Much Music promote reality television that is focused on twisted versions of reality that promote vanity, apathy and the worshiping of morons, instead of focusing on music videos or reality television that is progressive, creative, and groundbreaking. Worshiping false idols and focusing on our imperfections with vain interest rather than constructive criticism and suggestions for change - MUST END! True, art is perceived and its value is dictated by the individual, but we are capable of so much more. In essence, I am a rudeboy at heart, my thoughts are one step beyond, and it's time to call yall out. Where my rudies at?

First to be called out: Chris Brown and all his fans

Chris Brown is guilty of destroying Rihanna's face, point blank period. Now, before we proceed let me break something down for you...I've heard the argument that she must have provoked the incident, and to be quite honest I'm with Sean Connery when it comes to the business of laying down the law when called for, this incident however WAS NOT called for, and went way beyond justification. Now, back to the point...Mr. Brown is a)a monster for beating up Rihanna, b)a moron for his pathetic appearance on Larry King and c)a herb for not learning from his own personal experiences with spousal abuse (break the cycle homie...I mean, dang). Therefore I pose the question - why do we pay people like this any mind?

Conclusion: By worshiping morons we destroy the cultural fabric of the times. You know I'm a culture fiend...I'm just saying...why fuck with polyester when you can rock silk. It's all about standards - feel me!? -Mr.-

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