Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Oprah...I don't get it. Why give PR opportunities to people like this? By focusing on people like Sarah Palin you blindly promote her celebrity and provide PR for an individual undeserving of anyone's attention. View this interview and browse through some of the comments left in YouTube for a better understanding of the demographic Oprah is promoting and providing legitimacy to. Oprah is a rich white man, don't let the skin suit fool you. Does anyone out there even remember what true leaders look like? It's been a long time since the civil rights movement and people like Trudell and Martin Luther King Jr. It is frightening that this woman was so close to becoming Vice President of the United States. This post is dedicated to all you Oprah between the lines and be weary of who you choose to idolize. Once again...where's the standard. -Mr.-

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