Friday, February 20, 2009


"What The Fu$k"...straight up and down. Regardless of how The New York Post and it's author try to spin this editorial, there is a clear lack of taste, as well as poor judgement. Considering on the opposite page there is a picture of Obama signing the stimulus bill, the lines of comparison are clear as day. This is an example of how our society is NOT united and racism is still an accepted norm. Mistakes like this should not be tolerated. The presidents speech was touching and all, but the reality is America was never the "land of the free", the American Dream is more like a nightmare, and change has NOT come. Obama himself has benefited those that wish to bind by creating the illusion that all is well and back on track, giving the U.S. a new PR spin in its battle with International acceptance. Watch Zeitgeist: Addendum and tell me the stimulus bill is not a farce. Oh, and by the way...Afghanistan is not our mess to clean up. The system is the system and all politicians must play by its rules...true leaders reside outside the confines of political structure. And please don't get it twisted...I'm not saying Obama isn't a good man, I'm simply stating that his hands are tied and his actions are extremely limited. Bottom line - I'm sick of the same, when is REAL change gonna come? -Mr.-

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