Friday, February 27, 2009


Straight up and down...FU$K Warner Music Group and all other labels that deny YouTube access to their content. Power to the artist..yeah, yeah, I'm all for it, but labels have been pimping artists for so long spare me your sob stories. Corporate enterprises are geniuses when it comes to spinning expenses...a music video should be a marketing expense that is recoupable, and the payback should not be advertising revenue from video rotation but the new and old fans alike that are given yet another reason to support their favorite single/artist. Allow the bloggers and online mags access to your content and forget about the kibbles they are making off of thumbnail adds, enjoy the fact your content is getting aired, promoted and in most cases popularized. Here's a suggestion - ease off the production budgets...some of my favorite videos are from indie artists utilizing concept over smoke and mirrors, and approach the game from an indie perspective. Anyone seen Slumdog Millionaire? Yeah, I thought so. The world is changing around you. In a nut shell...FU$K Warner Music Group! And please, holler at me if you disagree. -Mr.-

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