Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today police will report on the results of a closed circuit television(CCTV) six-month pilot project, arguing that cameras deter crime, the budget should be increased, and cameras should be placed throughout the city. My perspective - police surveillance cameras = fu$k that! Crime is directly related to economic inequality, and the social and cultural environments that shape citizens identities, perspectives and ultimately their actions. We live in a capitalist society drunk off greed, we are constantly bombarded by visuals that promote material need, and our status is defined by an economic cast system that worships the rich and shuns the poor. Our leaders, both corporate and political are driven by profit and have created a society of haves and have nots. CAMERAS! Are you kidding?

Crime isn't something that is deterred by 24/7 surveillance, it must be eradicated by removing poverty and social inequalities. We promote the individual and turn our backs on the whole, and we aspire to be "better than" instead of helping one another attain the same ends...this is the problem. The SUN wrote..."The standard argument against security cameras -- that they are a "Big Brother" invasion of privacy, is silly." Silly? Reporting at its finest people. Select the weakest argument and attack it. What do you think of this argument? I believe cameras will not solve problems, they will simply create a low period in criminal activities while criminals devise new ways of working around this trivial "obstacle". Now, don't get me wrong, schools - good idea, TTC (where employees are threatened on a regular basis) - good idea, what I don't agree with is increasing the budget and placing cameras on every corner...cause you know what - it IS an invasion of privacy, and in the's human nature to survive by any means necessary, crime being one of those means.

Look at the big picture. Society is ill, crime is simply one of the symptoms. Cameras? A generation ago Martin Luther King Jr. was at the top of the CIA's public enemy list, a year ago George Bush was president of the "free" world, in this day and age the definition of a criminal is too loose to make the assumption our authoritative leaders won't use such a devise for the wrong reasons. Blind faith is a dangerous mistress. Like I said...police surveillance cameras = fu$k that! -Mr.-


Anonymous said... right...this is bs!
Police State, Martial Law, Moneyless Society, RFID chips, NAU, NWO, 1 World Gov...all this BS is happening now! It's not even a damn conspiracy theory anymore, it's in plain sight! Wake up ppl!!!

Mr. ...Keep 'em awake!
Peace, NV.

*~:: Miss Niya ::~* said...

Very well put!
I concur!